The 5 second moment is the climax of the story

—Matthew Dicks’ book, Storyworthy.

For example, if Jurassic Park was just a dinosaur film it would be boring. The 5 second moment, the climax, is when the guy is in the tree with the kids and realises he likes kids.

The story sets this up in the beginning scene when he says kids are horrible, expensive and they smell.

The rest of the film is setting up the 5 second moment, and embellishing the story. With dinosaurs.

Another example from the Storyworthy book—Indiana Jones. Indy is an atheist, until the climax when, in a moment of faith, he tells the main woman not to look at the grail. This saves her life. His transformation from atheist to believer is complete.

The bit in the middle is the story arc. How the protagonist gets to the moment of transformation, with all it’s stakes and pitfalls.