Polaroid diaries: Cornwall’s beaches

There are 400 beaches in Cornwall.

I’m on a mission to snap them all on my trusty 1991 Polaroid 635CL. And immortalise them on the Ethereum blockchain.

It’s gonna take a while. Years probably. But it’s so much fun.

 10 beaches minted

Each beach will have a 1 of 1 NFT available to purchase.

There’s no fixed release schedule. New sales will be announced on Twitter.

The project is minted with Manifold and sold on OpenSea. To buy go to the Polaroid Diaries collection on OpenSea.

Holders will be airdropped the occasional bonus shot of a beach that has had it's 1 of 1 minted. Read the airdrops section below for more info.

The 400th piece will be 1ETH.

Each piece will be 0.0025ETH more than the last.

The first piece is 0.025ETH, the second 0.05 ETH, the third 0.075ETH.

Working their way up to 1ETH for the 400th.

Get 'em while they're low!

I tend to shoot a few of each beach (it’s polaroid, half of them don’t come out for one reason or another).

There will only be one 1 of 1 availble to buy for each beach. If there are additional good shots of a beach, these will be airdropped to holders as an edition.

The number of editions airdropped will be determined by the number of beaches minted and sold.

For example, say three beaches have been minted and sold. John and Jane are holders:
John owns the Firstral beach 1 of 1.
Jane owns the Watergate Bay 1 of 1.
Jane also owns the Morgan Porth 1 of 1.

There may be a bonus Watergate Bay shot. In this example, the bonus shot will be an edition of 3 because there are three 1 of 1's held.

The bonus edition will be airdropped to John and Jane. As Jane owns two, she will receive two.

Got it? Basically, buy a 1 of 1 and get free stuff.


Ceremonial burning, filmed and posted on my Twitter. The real piece is the NFT.

There's something beautiful about the journey these artworks go on. Born from a simple 1991 camera, then the metamorposis of physical to digital. Living happily ever after on the Ethereum blockchain; forever linked to their brothers and in sisters in the collection.

From low-tech to cutting edge.

There’s no utility, other than the airdrops.

No, Discourd is too chaotic for me, other than for Midjourney.

I check Twitter once a day, feel free to drop me a DM.

I also check emails once a day. You're very welcome to say hi, :-)

The project is complete!

We’ll have to do something with holders to mark the occasion. Not sure what. And it’s a looong way off yet!

#1 Chapel porth
View on OpenSea
#4 Great Western
View on OpenSea
#5 Holywell Bay
View on OpenSea
#6 Lusty Glaze
View on OpenSea
#7 Mawgan Porth
View on OpenSea
#8 Nansidwell
View on OpenSea
#9 Polly Joke
View on OpenSea
#10 Porth beach
View on OpenSea