You already know how to use it

Steve Jobs said that at an Apple event introducing the iPad.

There’s something to be be said for the familiar.

For example, why on earth do people still use feet and inches? One foot is based on the length of King Henry I’s actual foot.

King Henry I died in 1135. Nearly 900 years ago. I think it’s time to move on.

But people are used to feet and inches, they are familiar with it. Even though it’s a rubbish means of measuring, it’s not going away.

Back to Apple.

Steve was telling us that using an iPad will be a familiar experience. He knew people like familiar.

Is there anything ‘people’ related that Steve Jobs didn’t know intuitively?

For the rest of us normo’s, here’s the rule:

If you’re product is innovative, add some familiarity, if your product is familiar, add some innovation.

It’s a balance. The iPad was new tech, rooted in familiarity.

Also, it was about the size of a King Henry I foot.