Why NFTs are great

What to say when people ash “you do why you like NFTs?”:

Digital ownership. Artists from anywhere in the world can put work on to a global 24/7 database. No gallery gatekeepers. If the work is good they can find an audience and collector base.

There’s good chance the Etherium database will be the canonical ledger of human activity. It could be around for as long as Humans are. The art we mint on the Etherium blockchain will live loooong.

NFTs are new canvas. People threw their toys out when artists starting painting on canvas as opposed to huge frescos on walls. Or when digital art was in it’s beginnings. NFTs unlock another creative vector in art: code. Generative art is at home with NFTs.

Creatives no longer have to live off social media ‘likes’, fans can support by owning their NFT. This has a load of benefits for both the creator and the collector.

There’s also a tonne of great stuff in the detail. Find out what the person you are talking to is in to—there’s probably an NFT use-case that would benefit their world.

NFTs are here to stay, never bet against the inevitable.