Proximity is not the same as skill

—Seth Godin

For example, just because you’re a great programmer, doesn’t mean you should make UX decisions.

Seth’s right. Of course he’s right, he’s Seth Godin.

But maybe he’s also wrong. Just a little.

I’m an advocate of skill chaining, learning adjacent skills so that you’re better at the core thing.

It’s me vs Seth.

I know what you’re thinking, “Geoff you’re screwed”. Yeah probly, but hear me out.

I’m very confident that being able to write make me a better designer. I’m very confident that knowing about conversions and sales funnels makes me a better designer.

But that is because I’ve taken the time to learn those skills.

Here’s where Seth’s argument comes in:

I know programming a bit, enough to be a better designer, but anything hardcore drains me so I’m best off giving that work to someone else.

If someone hasn’t spent the time learning an adjacent skill, or it drains their energy, someone else is better to do it.

But if the same someone has chained that skill I’d argue they may well be the best person to do it.

Seth, I’ll accept a draw.