WeMusic logo

Logo design

WeMusic logo and branding design by Geoff Muskett

Did you see the negative space instrument? I love a good negative space logo. Here’s a few others that were inspiration for this project:

Negative space logos

Negative space logos

Matt Brown and his WeMusic co-founder needed a brand to suit a new, cool, contemporary and creative music product company. They wanted something neat but expressive that represents the ethos of the WeMusic.

WeMusic sketch logo ideas

Quick and dirty sketch ideas

Beginning with Matt’s sketch, top left, and armed with a brief and research, I took pencil to paper. The plan at this stage is always to get as many ideas as possible down, as quickly as possible. With the goal to get all the bad ideas out of the way, to make way for more promising ones that can be developed further.

I grew up in the era of Sony Walkman. Listening to mix tapes of Michael Jackson, Price and Queen. Pretty much still to to be honest. The WeMusic logo nods to Sony Walkman logo.

Sony Walkman tape player and logo

Sony walkman logo… brings back memories.

A logo should be appropriate for the industry, WeMusic achieves this with the hat-tip to Walkman, the negative space guitar, and the sound-wave flowing feel.

WeMusic logo development

Logo development