The Paint Room

Art & illustration

The Paint Room logo by Geoff Muskett

Between client work and family life, I don’t get chance to do as much drawing as I’d like. At some point I’ll immerse and aim for my 10,000 hours. But for now, I try to keep my hand in. Here’s a collection of pieces from the past few years…

Watercolour Seahorse illustration by Geoff Muskett

Watercolour and ink Seahorse illustration

This Seahorse was super popular on Tumblr, when I had a Tumblr. Well, super popular for a non artist / part time Tumblr-er. It had around 600 notes and was picked up by eatsleepdraw and received 2k+ notes. Check it out. I really should have done more in this style. One day.

Nelson Mandela illustration by Geoff Muskett

Watercolour and ink Nelson Mandela illustration

James Anderson cricket poster by Geoff Muskett

James Anderson poster for my nephew’s birthday

Here’s a tedious video of me drawing a kingfisher. It’s a bit more interesting at around a minute in when I start inking…

Illustrations including a deer, an astronaut, a cat, Girona, a Donkey, and an old lady

Random illustrations

Pencil sketch portrait by Geoff Muskett

A sketched portrait of my daughter