Made Open Platform

Web design, front end development

Made Open header graphic saying Change The World You Live In

Made Open Platform was the major piece of work I co-developed as Senior Designer at Sea Communications (now called… Made Open). It’s a project that is close to my heart; I enjoyed working with the team and respect all the individuals involved; plus the mission is great – bring communities together to enable positive change.

MO Platform is a crowd pledging environment, where ideas can be sources projects started.

Pledgees can give money, time or even… things. Planting trees? Volunteers and spades are a good place to start!

My involvement included UI design, UX, and front end development.

Question page UI design

Question page


Another successfully funded project


Question page with great discussion in the answers


Made Open poll page

Activity stream UI design by Geoff Muskett

The heart of MO – the Activity Stream

The Activity Stream is where Questions, Projects, Polls and Events come together. The clear colour coded sections give clarity, visual appeal, and draw users to the most important functionality on the page.

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