Lemon Street Gallery

Web design, front end development, WordPress integration, email marketing

LSG responsive website screen grabs in MacBook Pro and iPhone by Geoff Muskett

Lemon Street Gallery are another client I serve on a regular monthly basis. The design of the website follows the quality feel of their existing logo, the exhibition publications, and the beautiful light-filled gallery itself.

There is a need for a flexible introduction header area on the homepage, with the ability to highlight multiple exhibitions or activities.

Sliding homepage panels screen grab

Homepage sliding panels

The custom build sliding panel header allows for three features. Opening with the central panel in view, it promotes the current exhibition, while the right panel shows what is next, and the left panel promotes Withiel Sculpture Garden. Though these change as needed; sometimes there two or three exhibitions going on in the gallery at one time.

Exhibition pages screen grabs by Geoff Muskett

Exhibitions overview page and single

The exhibitions pages are key for LSG. They need to show the art clearly, the related exhibition essay, the artist CV, purchase functionality for the publication, and link to a thumbnail page for an alternate way to view work. All the while enticing potential customers to enquire about the work.

Lemon Street Gallery exhibition thumbnails page

Artist CV overlay and exhibition thumbnails

Brining traffic to the site, as with any site, is of vital importance. I developed exclusivity with LSG’s database of customers, sending ‘Members’ three regular monthly emails giving exclusive early, password protected, access to exhibitions, plus an early opportunity to purchase publications.

The emails perform exceptionally well, regularly receiving over 40% open rates, and 10% click rates. Outperforming industry averages by 200% and 500% respectively.

Some of the keys to this success are clarity of message, not trying to do too much in an email, clear calls to action, and being mobile optimised. 50% of the emails are opened on phones, so responsive email is essential.

Responsive email designs by Geoff Muskett

Responsive email templates, desktop browser and phone size

Check out the site lemonstreetgallery.co.uk.