Janie Airey photography portfolio

Web design, front end development, WordPress integration, Timber

Janie Airey website and icon design by Geoff Muskett

Janie needed a clear way to define the three key areas of work; lifestyle, portrait and corporate photography. The homepage randomly chooses a one picture from each category to display in the carousel, meaning the site feels fresh with each visit.

Normally, I’d steer clear of carousels – they mean you immediately hide potentially important content. However everything has it’s place, and this is a good contender for a simple carousel. It’s custom built, making it extremely lightweight, with very clear UI that responds to the height of the screen (and width obviously), meaning the control dots are almost always visible above the fold.

Advanced Custom Fields with WordPress development

WordPress customised admin for easy site management

website screen grabs showing front end display options

Zoomed out galleries to show image ‘clump’ options. Images lazyload to maximise page speed.

In the gallery pages we needed a flexible way to show groups of images that could be varying ratios. Some portrait, some landscape, some square.

So I developed a ‘clump system’. Names of things aren’t my strong point. It allows Janie to choose from five different grid layouts in the ‘clump style’ dropdown. Then if it’s a repeatable grid, she can choose by how rows in ‘grid layout.

Having a clear understanding of client needs, and using Advanced Custom Fields, I tailor WP admin to each client. This makes it easy to add content and as flexible as necessary.

View the site at janie-airey.com.