Bonnie Film

Logo and stationary design

Bonnie Film logo design by Geoff Muskett

TV and film direct Jean Stewart approached me to produce a bold and energetic brand her latest company, Bonne Film.

When designing a logo I keep these basic principals in mind:

A successful logo must be…

  • …describable
  • …memorable
  • …effective without colour
  • …works at small scale
  • …relevant to the industry
  • …unique

After consultation and research, sketching begins…

Logo sketch ideas

Sketching logo ideas

At this stage it is all about getting ideas down, both good and bad, and not worrying about quality.

logo sketches

Developing the better ideas

Mostly still in sketches, some of the better ideas are developed further and presented to the client.

Logo design, icon and business cards

The chosen idea

With the direction agreed via sketches, the chosen idea is developed. In this case it is a hand lettered logotype.

For social networks, and anywhere a small icon is needed, I took the essence of the main logo and created a unique and recognisable mark.

Final Bonnie Film logo design and icon on a picture background

Final logo and icon