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Airey Spaces homepage design by Geoff Muskett

London photographer Janie Airey has an incredible eye for capturing the beauty of architecture, whether it’s a whole building or the tiniest detail. Designing the site for her architectural photography business was an honour and with the quality of work, it was frankly, easy.

She is the first client I’d had who’s said the magic words “I love white space”. Me too, Janie!

We worked together to decide on two clear sections, People In Spaces, and Open Spaces. The latter includes her unbelievable London Olympic arena work. Seriously, you should check it out.

As with most of my clients, I recommended a blog. It’s a way for her to show work on a regular basis that doesn’t warrant a section of its own. Also it allows her to bring people in to the architectural photography world, sharing her shoot locations and experiences.

We also started a newsletter, which I highly recommend. Janie shares some super interesting architecture to devour, exhibitions checking out, and her latest work. Signup is at the bottom of each page…¬†

Airey Spaces blog page design by freelancer Geoff Muskett

Airey Spaces blog page