Front end web development

HTML, CSS (Sass), jQuery, WordPress, Timber, Git, PHP...

Responsive by default and built mobile-first. I take pride in producing fast, search engine optimised, accessible websites.

I’ve been coding since 2002, when I made my first portfolio website. It was rough around the edges, but it did the job. Through client work and personal projects, my skills as a front end developer grew and grew. I’m at a level now where I have worked with brands like Horrible Histories (Scholastic), Me To You, BT, Cornwall Council, Worlds Apart, and many more.

Often design agencies such as Made Open, and FFFunction will bring me in to deliver, or help delivery of, web development projects. They know they get quality code, teamwork, dedication, and great communication.

“Geoff is a hard working and conscientious. He produces work to the highest standard possible whether he’s working as a designer or developer. I would definitely use him on my next project.” Andy Foley, Technical director & founder of Nymble

Predominantly as a front ender, I have excellent knowledge and practical skill in:
• HTML – clean and efficient with consideration for source order and accessibility.
• CSS – I write in Sass and use Gulp to, amongst other things, compile to CSS.
• WordPress – my go-to CMS. I like to use Timber to make it more like an MVC-ish framework, but can work with it in any way.
• jQuery.

I also have experience with Git, PHP, Laravel, Perch, Drupal, Less, Bootstrap and Foundation (though I don’t use either for commercial sites, generally), Command line tools. And probably other things I’m forgetting.

“Geoff is the ultimate professional – an incredibly talented designer, excellent front-end developer and he has a positive, upbeat mannerism that brings out the best in everyone.” Robert Woolf, Director Made Open.

Adopt and Foster in CornwallAdopt in cornwall responsive website in computer and iphone
3DPOD3DPOD logo by Geoff Muskett
Made Open PlatformMade Open Platform designed by Geoff Muskett
Airey SpacesAirey Spaces logo design by Geoff Muskett
TyreFindersTyreFinders logo and website graphic by Geoff Muskett
Janie Airey photography design
Lemon Street GalleryLemon Street Gallery website screen grabs by Geoff Muskett
Turners parks groupTurners parks logo

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