Web and graphic design

Online and for print

I define design as problem solving to achieve business objectives.

I’m a good problem solver.

Through creativity and determination, I’ll find the most efficient way reach the end result. Sometimes it’s a visual problem, sometimes it’s a design system problem, like optimising the user flow though an app or platform.

Experience means I have a great intuition for what will work. Combining experience with research, and user testing, means I’ll be sure to find good solutions.

As for defining objectives, questions are key.

“Initially Geoff didn’t have experience of the film/tv world, and we were slightly concerned about this, but he asked lots of useful questions (and made us think too!), did his research and was thorough and efficient in his work” – Jean Stewart, Bonnie Film

“Geoff is one of the most perceptive web designers I know. He listen’s, discusses and inputs into every website brief and provides valuable insight. He always thinks about a brief with the end user in mind, incorporating the customer journey to the website and then what they should do when they get there.” Louise Routledge, Loop Marketing

Whether you need branding…

“There is no doubt in my mind that TyreFinders wouldn’t be half as successful if it wasn’t for Geoff’s unique talent and the branding he has created for us.” James Thornton, MD TyreFinders. Read more about the work I do for TyreFinders.

Or web design…

“The simplicity with which he understands a [web design] brief, interprets it and produces something better than we had originally envisaged is always impressive, and it’s why we enjoy working with him.” Robert Woolf, Made Open

… give me a shout and we’ll have a chat. Here are some design projects I’ve worked on:

Adopt and Foster in CornwallAdopt in cornwall responsive website in computer and iphone
3DPOD3DPOD logo by Geoff Muskett
Made Open PlatformMade Open Platform designed by Geoff Muskett
Airey SpacesAirey Spaces logo design by Geoff Muskett
WeMusic logoWeMusic logo design by Geoff Muskett
TyreFindersTyreFinders logo and website graphic by Geoff Muskett
Janie Airey photography portfoliojanie-airey.com design
Bonnie FilmBonnie Film logo by Geoff Muskett
Lemon Street GalleryLemon Street Gallery website screen grabs by Geoff Muskett

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