Dear me, read this on January 1st 2017

By Geoff Muskett

In no particular order, during 2016 you will…

  • … have played Handball in a country that plays Handball.
  • … have helped Seb publish a joke book (“What do you call a pretty cucumber? A cute-cumber!!” Seb Muskett age 6).
  • … have helped Evie publish lots of stories on her website
  • … have done what you can to make Helen’s life easier so she can get home from work and relax.
  • … have a good general level of fitness. Be quite fast, quite strong, quite good endurance, quite flexible. You won’t have over trained in any one type of exercise. General fitness is about injury prevention and health longevity.
  • … have started Yoga and be… better than a beginner.
  • … have diversified income.
  • … be almost fluent in French.
  • … be pretty decent on the Bass Guitar. If you’ve done grades, maybe be at grade 2 or 3? You should be at least 200 hours into the (long term) 10,000 hour challenge. Thats about 3 hours a week.
  • … have missed < 50 days of practise.
  • … be financially more secure.
  • … have done or given something that helps people who live beyond your blinkered world.
  • … have built (or, employed someone to build) Evie a tree house.
  • … have found something in addition to jokes that Seb is passionate about. Perhaps drums. Perhaps gymnastics. Perhaps something else.
  • … be a closer not a loser.
  • … have encouraged and supported Helen with her Gymnastics.
  • … have improved our home with a new kitchen, bathroom, and office.
  • … have done at least 2 big sport events like Tough Mudder, and something else.
  • … be even more established freelance web designer. You will have an outstanding body of work and given your clients a great return on investment.
  • … will help people and not expect, nor seek, anything in return.
  • … have only published posts on here that you had fun writing. Code tutorials are generally not fun to write.
  • … own an iPad Pro.
  • … have listened to, and executed on, your vision of future trends.


January 7, 2016

Hello Mighty G

All that in 12 months ?? That's more like a 2 year list.....but I wish you well my friend

> I'll try to learn the difference between a headache and a Subarachnoid haemorrhage!!! but now that I've lost even more brain cells that could be difficult.


Geoff Muskett
January 7, 2016

haha! A year is a long time A!

Yeah, watch out for those subarachnoid spiders on the brain ;-)

Danny Buss
April 19, 2016

I've only known you for about a year, but you seem to have missed something vital off this list......... beach olympics to help a good cause!

It's not even May yet and I can tick quite a few of these off the list. Good work Geoff. Keep up the hard work....... v. inspirational, my list consists of trying to get A to do the washing up without having to be asked..... any advice?

Love the site

Cheers, D

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