Freelance design and dev, 3D printing

Freelance design, development and online success consultancy.

I’ve had a number of lead and senior roles during my career, but in April 2015 decided to go freelance. Typically I help clients with their online presence, in whatever scenario suits their business. They may require branding, web design and development, or a social media strategy. I advise or facilitate clients in reaching, staying in touch with, and build relationships with customers online.

3D Print On Demand. 3DPOD is a company I co-run, we specialise in computer modelling and 3D printing. We offer support with 3D modelling, prototyping, working drawings, exploded models, project management, liaising with manufacturers and more.

Please, no more Content Vomit

Over the past five years, maybe more, we’ve seen an explosion of stuff appearing online. To say the least. Every minute of every day 100…