Acronym for how to make ideas memorable

Dunno where I got this slightly wonky acronym from. But it’s good stuff if you want your idea to be sticker than toddler’s fingers at snack time.



Boil the idea down to it’s essence. The basic principals that make it work.


Spark people’s interest with something unusual. Something counter-intuitive. People will want to discover why.


Make sure people can grasp your idea, draw a vivid picture with real-life things. Metaphor this puppy.


Your idea must be believable, but not with too many facts and figures. It could be put to question.


Appeal to people’s wishes, desires, hopes. Ultimately, people are self interested on some level. Consider Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.


Human brains work in stories.
Maybe rags to riches via obstacles.
Maybe bridging a gap between opposing groups.
Maybe solving a long-standing problem in an interesting way.